React.js Conf
January 28 & 29 — Facebook HQ, CA

Videos #

All 2015 conference videos are now posted on the schedule page.

Overview #

Last year we open sourced React and community adoption blew us away.

React opens a world of new possibilities such as server-side rendering, real-time updates, different rendering targets like svg and canvas...

We need to rethink how we write applications using one-way data flow, immutable data structures, the full power of JavaScript and languages targeting it...

Join us at React.js Conf to shape the future of client-side applications!

When and Where #

React.js Conf is being held at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA.

Tickets are $200 with all proceeds being donated to charity.

The conference will kick off January 28th at 9am and wrap up January 29th at 6pm.

If you need accommodation, we have preferred rooms available at Aloft Silicon Valley, which you can book here (sold-out). Shuttles will be running between Facebook and Aloft.

More details on our Venue page.

Speakers #

These great speakers will be talking at React.js Conf - check the schedule for details!

Pete Hunt
David Nolen
Ryan Florence
... and more!

Important Dates #

  • Monday October 27rd 2014: Opening of the Call for Presenters
  • Friday November 21st 2014 — Midnight PST: Closing of the Call for Presenters
  • Friday November 28th 2014 — Noon PST: Schedule & First wave of tickets
  • Friday December 5th 2014 — Noon PST: Second wave of tickets
  • Friday December 12th 2014 — Noon PST: Third and last wave of tickets
  • Wednesday & Thursday January 28th & 29th 2015: Conference

Contact #

If you have any question, feel free to reach out the organizer:
Christopher @vjeux Chedeau <>